How Has Digital Marketing for Small Business Changed in 2015?

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Digital marketing is evolving faster than ever. Technology grows more powerful each year, and consumer’s tastes are constantly changing. In an effort to get a grip on digital marketing, companies have resorted to spending a ton of their budget on it. In 2015, digital marketing expenditures are expected to account for one-third of all marketing budgets.

If you’re spending a significant amount of time and money trying to figure digital marketing out, you need to know what’s changing. Here are the three biggest digital marketing trends for small businesses in 2015:

Website Design is More Important Than Ever

Websites are no longer a luxury for small businesses, they’re a necessity. All the search engine optimization in the world is useless if your outdated website drives prospects away. To stay competitive, you need to make sure your website evolves, too. According to Jon Bowerman, with High Level Marketing, a company that specializes in helping small business owners with web design he identified the follow items for 2015.

Some shiny new website design tricks you should be using:

• Better backgrounds. Websites today can have incredible images, interactive videos, and much more as backgrounds. If you aren’t trying to leverage your background, it’s wasted space.

• Simplicity. Gone are the days of large logos, cluttered menus, and a ton of buttons. User’s today want to quickly find the information they’re looking for, and are apt to navigate away if they can’t find it.

• Performance (especially for mobile). With so many options available, websites have to load quickly and perform at all times, especially on mobile devices. Optimizing your design for mobile performance will give you an edge over your competition.

SEO is Evolving

SEO changes all the time, but there have been major changes over the year or two. Mobile optimization now counts a great deal towards SEO, and page load times are a big chunk of that. In fact, an estimated 70% of websites weren’t responsive enough on mobile. This means you have a major opportunity to grab some organic search traffic.

Another way content is changing is that it’s becoming more technical. Keyword stuffing is penalized, and content is a whole other beast. Technical issues like meta tags, proper keyword analysis, indexing, and even recovery from penalties are now vital to SEO success.

Finally, social media is becoming more and more important for SEO. There is significant correlation between social media strength and SEO strength, and many experts believe social media is the next natural step for Google’s SEO. Building your networks now should pay significant dividends in the very near future.


Content is King

Almost 80% of Chief Marketing Officers responded in a survey that content marketing is the future. Here’s how you can begin to master content marketing:

• Go beyond blogging by investing in infographics and videos, too.

• Provide value to your audience by creating content on relevant, important industry issues.

• Use metrics to track which content is successful. Use A/B testing whenever possible.

• Leverage your social media presence to get your content out there.


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Measuring Success: What to Expect from Analytics on LinkedIn

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6 25 blog

Say hello to analytics on LinkedIn! LinkedIn recently introduced new analytics tools for publishing content as a way for users of the professional social networking site to better understand how others are engaging with their page. The site continues to be a popular method for individuals and businesses to enhance their online presence in today’s professional world as a platform for meaningful discussions and forming connections. It is a great, if not the best way to network and interact with professionals, businesses, and other organizations that relate to a user’s interests, industry or goals.

The new analytics tools being rolled out by LinkedIn allows users to view a summary of how past posts have been received by breaking down number of views, likes, comments and shares. It also allows individuals to see specifically which users have interacted with their posts, so it’s easy to gauge the impact specific posts have on certain individuals. This better allows for pinpointing of those most worth networking with and builds following based on feedback.

In addition to simply showing which users have interacted with the content and how they have done so, the data provided also provides demographic analysis. This can provide users with details about people interacting with the page, (including geographic location, industry, job title, and how they found the page) which can help provide valuable information in order to enhance SEO. Analyzing who is or is not interested in the type of content being posted is crucial to building a loyal audience, that will ideally breed valuable connections.

These tools have significantly increased the capability of LinkedIn users to effectively reach their target markets, whether it be consumers, hopeful business partners, or potential employers. Originally, LinkedIn was a good way to socially network and find connections, but these new measurements allow for LinkedIn to become another hub for digital content in the world of social media. By becoming a site that is focused on content-driven networking, LinkedIn now offers more opportunities for users to benefit from their services by allowing them to see where their content is succeeding or falling short.

Specifically, these analytics tools allow the various types of LinkedIn users to benefit through their profiles in several ways that will optimize their online image in a professional manner. For a person looking for a job, these tools can allow them to see what types of companies best correlate to their area of expertise and if they are actively pursuing candidates. For companies or organizations, these tools become useful in enhancing their brand, and can give other LinkedIn users a detailed impression of what the company or organization does, what they’re passionate about, and what they specialize in. Businesses now have another way to recruit candidates by fostering the connections they make, which are easily facilitated by the analytics tools.


4 Ways to Keep Your Website up on Current Trends

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When it comes to website owners, adaptability determines success. To succeed in the ever-changing digital landscape webmasters should keep an eye on new tendencies in content development, SEO, and monetization techniques. With this in mind, you need to follow the four tips outlined further to keep up with the latest industry trends.

1. Create Content that Matters

contentFocus on SEO friendliness and reader engagement to create a solid content development strategy. The recommendations from Contently’s Dory Fern and Audiencebloom’s James Parsons will help you achieve this goal:

  • Invest time and effort into creating sharable content that encourages discussion. While text suits better for building loyal audiences, users share infographics and videos more often so remember to use them.
  • View descriptive headlines as your top priority. While clickbait headlines produce immediate effect, a descriptive approach ensures long-term user engagement. Moreover, it helps you reduce your bounce rate.
  • Find out how often you can post without compromising the content quality. The rule of thumb is that two quality posts a week are better than four fillers. You can further fuel audience engagement with regular and timely Facebook and Twitter posts.

2. Control Your Backlinks and Keywords

Backlinks and Keywords

Black-hat SEO tactics will become a bigger threat to websites in the nearest future, as Forbes contributor Jason DeMers points out. Although disavowing provides protection against spammy backlinks, Google is yet to discover better ways to combat unfair competition. In the meantime, webmasters need to keep an eye on their “backlink footprint”.

Yoav Vilner in Venturebeat offers a convenient approach to backlink audit. His method comes down to getting a complete list of inbound links (e.g. with Open Site Explorer from Moz or similar tools). The list items are then classified according to their origin: natural ones, guest columns, links from profiles on other websites, etc. Use this information to diversify your backlinks or, in other words, to ensure they are from different sources.

An efficient long-term strategy for keyword selection is to score for long tails and clearly defined thematic groups. An article by Cyrus Shepard provides valuable insights into this issue. You can also find useful ideas on not-so-obvious keyword sources — including Wikipedia, Google Autocomplete, and Amazon — in a post by Neil Patel.

3. Advertise Smart and Keep Your Audience


Webmasters often prefer on-site advertising to other monetization methods, because it is easy to set up and helps you generate decent revenue. Moreover, staying on top of industry news will provide you with valuable insights into how you can increase your earnings.

The growth of programmatic buying and the increasing popularity of video, native, and mobile ads are the most notable trends of 2015, according to PwC. The advance of viewable impression as the key metric is another tendency that influences the state of the market.

It stands to reason that successful webmasters and site managers are mindful of major trends. That said, some of them still require information support from supply-side platforms and ad networks to stay afloat. Given that ad serving companies hold an interest in helping their publishers earn more, one can expect them to update their blogs with relevant information.

4. Decide When the Time is Right to Go Mobile

Going mobileMobile devices are becoming omnipresent. According to, in 2014 smartphone and tablet sales increased by 20.7% and 39.4% respectively, while laptops demonstrated 14.7% growth and desktop PCs dropped by 0.6%. CNN also called 2014 the first year for mobile Internet usage to overtake PC traffic in the US. For these reasons, going mobile is an obvious step forward for any major website.

Yet, the situation may be different with individual online resources. For some publishers optimizing their website for mobile is a big investment, so they need to know if will pay off. Before investing into mobile, compare the current volume of traffic your website gets from smartphone and tablet users to that from the previous year. If the difference doesn’t appear considerable, you can postpone going mobile in favour of more urgent objectives. Still, keep in mind that mobile support will become an inevitable requirement for the majority of website owners in the near future.

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SerpHaus SEO Introducing Free SEO Opportunities and Free Website Audits for Customers in …

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SerpHaus SEO are experts in quickly identifying opportunities for growth within websites, and will give a free analysis to all inquirers as part of their free quote on services.

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Boca Raton, FL — (ReleaseWire) — 06/26/2015 — SEO, otherwise known as Search Engine Optimization, is an unsurpassable tool used by businesses big and small. SEO is a tool that can enhance your website traffic, gain customers, and increase your visibility online.

However, SEO can be a fickle friend, as in using techniques to get a leg up that are frowned upon by Google can result in penalties that can set your site back months or even years. Some business owners, especially for small businesses, don’t understand all of the intricacies involved in SEO practices. Because of this, hiring an expert is crucial. This is where SerpHaus Boca Raton SEO can help. SerpHaus SEO is a YEXT certified partner who has significant experience with high rankings in Google search engine result pages for some of the largest companies, and a seasoned variety of others. For their customers in Boca Raton, SerpHaus SEO is now offering a free website audit for anyone who would be interested in a quote.

A website audit can efficiently determine the strengths and weaknesses of your website. By doing this, SerpHaus can get a firm understanding of what techniques are already working for your website so that they can enhance them even more, and also learn where your website might be lacking so they can make that area stronger. SerpHaus will be able to implement new ideas in order to improve your visibility and drive even more traffic to your website.

After their analysis, you would then receive a comprehensive outline of strategies that would improve your website with step by step information on how to achieve each new goal.

A spokesperson for SerpHaus SEO explained recently what makes their company exponentially more experienced as opposed to other SEO companies, and why their approach continues to yield positive results. Their unique approach surpasses that of their competitors, and by offering a free audit for their potential customers they are showing them the benefits and how much their website can grow by implementing their techniques. Unlike other companies, the SerpHaus approach focuses on long term results as opposed to quick numbers that might be a result of “black hat” techniques.

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Web SEO Master, a Division of SH Web Design & SH Web Commerce, Inc., Expands to Orange …

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About Web SEO Master

Web SEO Master is a custom website services company that performs website design, development, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing to enhance your sales. We incorporate state of the art design and development tools, and proprietary software and marketing techniques to market your website to your customers and clients on the World Wide Web. Web SEO Master has combined its unique features to make your website development and marketing experience “Faster, Cheaper and Better” than what you might encounter with other custom website services ( companies.

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The Dew Sweepers

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Much of the attention given to professional golfers focuses on the tournament winners, which is certainly understandable.

There are other interesting stories to be found during a pro tournament, however, even at the back end of the cut line.

I joined three golfers for the first tee time scheduled for the final round of the 2015 ShopRite LPGA Classic presented by Acer. These players are sometimes called Dew Sweepers, because they provide that “service” to the other golfers.

Laura Diaz is a veteran LPGA golfer with two victories and a four-time Solheim Cup participation record after coming to the tour in 1999.

Hee Kyung Seo joined the LPGA in 2011, and won the 2010 Kia Classic before she joined the tour. She missed much of the 2014 season on maternity leave, giving birth to a son in August 2014.

Brooke Henderson is this year’s youth story. The 17-year-old Canadian has taken advantage of sponsor exemptions to play very well on the tour this year, while waiting to meet the age limit for full tour membership.

All three golfers just made the cut at three-over par, 10 strokes back of Morgan Pressel after the second round.

The eight or so fans joining the Dew Sweepers at 7:58 a.m. were about evenly split between the family and friends of Diaz, and the young girls and their parents who were obviously there for Henderson.

Into a light breeze that freshened considerably later that morning, the three golfers teed off, and parred the first hole.

Diaz made the first birdie of the group on the 420-yard second hole, with Henderson’s power lip out and subsequent par disappointing her young fans.

All three players made birdies on the par 5 third hole, with Henderson almost making eagle. After some routine pars, Diaz made the first slip-up of the day, with short game troubles leading to a double bogey on the sixth. Seo, on the other hand, made a five-foot putt for birdie on the hole.

After pars on the seventh hole, each golfer birdied the par 4 eighth, thanks to impressive approach shots.

Henderson and Diaz added more birdies on the par 5 ninth hole, while Seo made an unusual six.

Seo’s tee shot on the 476-yard par 5 left her 220 yards out from the center of the green. Facing cross-bunkers edged with high fescue, Seo topped her three-wood directly into the hazard, three yards into thick, knee-high grass.

Dean Herndon, Seo’s caddie, later explained they couldn’t hit toward the green with such an awful lie. Both caddie and golfer agreed to hit back toward the tee, and Seo’s chopped wedge traveled 20 yards onto the fairway.

Seo hit her fourth shot from about 170 yards, a chip shot for her fifth stroke to about 7 feet, and then a good putt for a routine bogey. Her playing competitors were free with their compliments, which might also explain why Seo made birdie on the next hole.

Diaz maintained her encouraging attitude throughout the day. She routinely praised the shots and putts of Seo and Henderson, and could often be heard chatting about other things, such as preschool graduations. She also broke up the crowd at the par 3 11th, when her par putt circled the hole before slowly falling in. “They make those holes round for a reason,” Diaz said.

Henderson showed off her power game throughout the round, and almost paid for it on the 320-yard 12th hole. Her drive finished 65 yards out, left of the fairway, left of the cart path, and nearly stymied by overhanging tree branches. Undaunted, she hit a wedge to 12 feet above the hole, and calmly rolled in a birdie putt.

Diaz made a choked-down punch shot from the right rough, 135 yards out from the 13th hole, bouncing it onto the green and earning applause from the 30 or so fans now following the three golfers.

Seo and Diaz made bogeys on the long, uphill par 3 15th hole, but the rest of the round finished with pars for them and Henderson.

As we watched, I had a nice chat with Ron Philo Sr., Diaz’s proud father. He also mentioned that some of Diaz’s nephews played baseball at Sports at the Beach, making the small-world connections typical of the Cape Region.

Henderson finished with a 4-under par 67, 10 strokes better than the previous day’s total that had dropped her into the Dew Sweeper threesome. “It was really nice to get some birdies today,” Henderson said.

All three golfers were applauded loudly from the stands surrounding the final hole, with Seo scoring 2-under par and Diaz finishing 1-under.

None of these Dew Sweepers would finish last among the money winners for the tournament. Diaz tied for 51st, Seo tied for 42nd, and Henderson tied for 23rd.

First Tee training June 29

Cape Region golfers looking to give something back to the game they love might consider going to Rookery South Golf Club June 29, for a First Tee of Delaware volunteer training program from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

First Tee programs for local youth are upcoming at local courses throughout July, and program officials could use all the help they can get.

The current First Tee summer schedule includes sessions at American Classic Golf Club in Midway on Tuesdays, July 7, 14, 21, and 28, as well as Rookery North on Wednesdays, July 8, 15, 22, and 29.

Herndon wins Women’s Amateur

Stefanie Herndon, a member of Kings Creek Country Club, won the 2015 Delaware Women’s Amateur Championship.

The competition took place at The Rookery North and South golf courses on June 16 and 17, respectively. Herndon shot a pair of 75s for her 8-over par triumph.

Diane Herndon and Emma Sills, also of Kings Creek CC, tied for third place at 14-over par.

RBCC Member-Member tourney

Rehoboth Beach CC kicked off its official tournament season June 13-14 with its Member-Member Tournament weekend.

The event includes a dinner followed by two rounds of golf and the awards celebration. Twenty teams of women and 30 teams of men participated.

Jay Whitby and Dan Coar won the men’s competition with their combined score of 124. Kerry Lockwood and Jullie Burton teamed up to win the women’s competition with their 115 total score.

Ladies’ Member-Guest tourneys

The Rehoboth Beach Ladies’ 9-Hole group held their Salute To Golf four-person scramble June 9. Members Jennifer Barrows and Florence Hatz, with their guests Dawn Dupre and Mary Ellen Quinn, won the day with a score of 29.

The 18-Hole Ladies held their Member-Guest event June 17, with a Safari Party theme and a competition format of Two Best Balls of Four at 90 percent USGA handicap.

RBCC member Carol Wetherhold and her guests, Trish Galioto, Barbara Wisneski and Faye Slatcher, won the tournament with the low net score of 124.

Ronnie Dannerhoj won the closest to the pin contest in the best way possible, with a hole-in-one on the par 3 fifth hole.

Boy Scout tournament a success

The leadership of Cape Region Boy Scout Troop 2540 announced a successful Par 3 golf tournament fundraiser at Midway Par 3, held May 29.

The troop thanks the approximately 75 golfers who participated, as well as the support received from community businesses and families, especially title sponsor American Sign and Lighting of Milford.

Local club competition results

The Sussex Pines Ladies Golf Association held a Low Gross/Low Net tournament June 23. Brenda Lewes won first place gross, with Kathy Hudak in second and Terry Daisey in third. Carol Love finished first place net, with Susan Shockley taking second and Barb Willin in third.

Kerry Lockwood, left, and Jullie Burton showed their team spirit in winning the Rehoboth Beach Country Club Ladies’ Member-Member Championship. (Source: Submitted)

Rehoboth Beach Country Club’s winning foursome in the Spring 9-Hole Ladies’ Member-Guest contest were (l-r) Florence Hatz, Mary Ellen Quinn, Jennifer Barrows and Dawn Dupre. (Source: Submitted)

Rehoboth Beach Country Club’s winning foursome in the Spring 18-Hole Ladies’ Member-Guest were (l-r) Trish Galioto, Barbara Wisneski, Carol Wetherhold and Faye Slatcher. (Source: Submitted)

Ronnie Dannerhoj celebrates her hole-in-one at Rehoboth Beach Country Club. (Source: Submitted)

Boy Scout Troop 2540 held a successful fundraiser tournament at Midway Par 3 May 29. Shown is Scout Brogan Conley. (Source: Submitted)


Op-Ed: Are your SEO strategies up to date?

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Search engine optimization is a vital component of any online marketing strategy, and businesses need to stay current with all of the changing SEO trends.

After all, Google releases regular algorithm updates, and each of these tweaks has an impact on their search engine ranking. In other words, if you fail to keep your SEO strategies up to date, you could quickly see your website’s Google ranking drop to such a low point that most new customers will never find it.

To avoid this potentially catastrophic issue, you must pay close attention to SEO changes and implement them as fast as possible.

Google’s Algorithm Changes

Every year comes with a new list of techniques from industry experts, and the 2015 SEO strategy updates are perhaps the most demanding to date. There are now three major Google algorithm changes that website owners need to be aware of: Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird. If you are unfamiliar with the way these updates could impact your site, then the odds are high that you are being unnecessarily penalized.

In a nutshell, Google has employed these three algorithms and numerous minor tweaks to each of them to help reward high quality content. Additionally, they help the search engine punish sites that primarily rely on keyword stuffing and grammatically incorrect written content in order to capture attention. The old days of SEO are officially over, and you must adjust your strategies or suffer the consequences.

Penalties for Non-Mobile Friendly Sites

One of the latest things that businesses need to be concerned about is whether or not their website is properly configured for mobile users. Although the website design itself is not directly related to SEO, every other aspect of its performance can help or hinder your search engine ranking. Google is now actively seeking out sites that are not mobile friendly, and each of them will eventually be penalized with a lower ranking, according to Mobile Marketing Engine.

This means that no matter how much time, energy and money you put into building your SEO strategy, the entire thing could be derailed if you fail to ensure that your website has been properly designed to meet the search engine giant’s mobile optimization guidelines. Not making your business site mobile-friendly has already translated into big money losses from some big companies, and when eBay failed to prepare their site for Google’s updates, they lost 80 percent of their prime rankings.

Getting the Most Out of Content Marketing

SEO relies upon many factors, including quality inbound links and the appropriate usage of applicable keyword phrases. Most companies are placing a major emphasis on their content marketing, and this is by far one of the best SEO strategies for 2015 and the foreseeable future.

Ultimately, you want to entice people to visit your website by offering them relevant, quality content that makes them highly likely to stay on your page for more than just a few seconds. By ensuring that this content makes good usage of natural keyword placement, you can help boost your search engine ranking. It is also worth noting that high quality content has a higher chance of being shared by other websites, and this will provide you with an inbound link.

Always Seek Out New SEO Opportunities

Submitting guest blogs about a topic you specialize in gives you the ability to boost your SEO while also potentially attracting the attention of future customers. You should also make sure that your social media profiles link to your homepage, and always share your blog posts to increase their visibility.

Do not forget that it is critical to focus on localized marketing techniques. For example, a bookstore in Indianapolis will have a much better chance at getting local sales because they can base their SEO around terms such as “Indianapolis bookstore” to increase their localized search engine ranking.

Getting specific with your SEO approach is beneficial, especially for local businesses that only need to connect with people in a small area. However, even the smallest company should still think big when it comes to their SEO strategy.

Due to this, updating your strategy to reflect each of Google’s algorithms changes is the best approach, and you also need to lure people to your site by making it mobile-friendly and filling it with relevant content that is timely and well-written. Following this approach will help improve your SEO this year, but never forget to pay constant attention to the latest proven SEO techniques so that you do not fall behind in the future.

This opinion article was written by an independent writer. The opinions and views expressed herein are those of the author and are not necessarily intended to reflect those of


3 Mobile SEO Best Practices To Improve Customer Experience

Posted on June 26, 2015 By

How much traffic will I lose due to the recent updates in Google’s search engine algorithm? Any single entrepreneur has asked – at least once – this question to his SEO specialist. The Mobilegeddon brought us all into the SEO-pocalypse.

Despite what a lot of people have been saying recently, search engine optimization is not dead. You still have to adopt best practices; just you need to refocus your efforts towards mobile optimization: mobile SEO is critical to improve customer experience.

Released on April 21th, the mobile-friendly update is already affecting results page, starting from the online searches. Sudden panic is now unnecessary; we knew those changes were coming. Google’s focus on mobile search comes with no surprise, as it is a mere reflection of social and technological changes. Digital transformation is primarily a mobile transformation.

Think about it: the ultimate goal of any search engine is to offer the best content related to specific keywords, so that users can have all useful information to take decision or action. Every update, therefore, has inevitable consequences on the way brands plan their digital customer experience and create relationships with clients.

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And the last mobile-friendly update is shaking this connection like nothing else before. Year after year, we spend more and more time using mobile devices. We mostly don’t have time for long searches on a desktop computer; everything we need and we want is right there in our palm. Our life gets fragmented into a constant sequence of micro moments, real-time sessions driven by a specific intent.

The most important micro moments always happen within the framework a mobile device. It’s pure instinct: the first thing we do, when we need information, is to pick up the smartphone. 60% of the entire traffic on Google already comes from mobile searches, and 80% of users admit that the smartphone is their favorite device to search the Internet (affecting especially local businesses).

The rise of mobile searches presents marketers with a considerable challenge: build an optimized identity on digital properties to increase opportunities and sales. The smartwatch and wearable technology will only accelerate this evolution, making it mandatory for everyone (even traditional retail & consumer productsfirms) to upgrade digital presence in the name of mobile friendliness.

Google’s algorithm, after all, does nothing more than respond to the impact of the smartphone on the wayempowered customers decide what and where to buy. They want everything and they want it now, easy and seamlessly. And they will ultimately reward websites (and brands) that are fully optimized for mobile with higher rankings in their personal ‘mind list’.

If you don’t show up in the first pages when they do searches on Google using ‘your’ keywords, it’s like you don’t exist at all for them. Digital transformation can only be achieved through constant optimization, the key to be sure you are delivering an amazing customer experience.

When your competitors are optimizing their presence effectively and you are not, then you will perform poorly, with an harmful impact on everything from traffic to conversions to revenues.

Do you think SEO is dead? Well, think again.

What’s really surprising is that so many brands, despite the Google-Paranoia, have yet to begin optimizing their website, social media presence, content marketing, app development and general practices. While your traffic may not have disappeared overnight, it doesn’t guarantee you actually survived the Mobilegeddon.

The mobile-friendly algorithm is not just one of many updates. It’s a complete shift in the search dynamics. As more customers rely on their smartphones to find the information they’re seeking, your company will slowly be left behind and disappear.

What should you do to avoid this unpleasant fate? Stop considering SEO as a mere technical aspect of your business; incorporate optimization into your mobile marketing strategy. To deal with the challenges of digital transformation follow these mobile SEO tips, suggested by Brian Honigman, CEO of Honigman Media, in an article for The Next Web.


Mobile optimization is not just a responsive website. When you set your On-Page SEO priorities, you will have to take in mind that not all customers access your digital properties using cutting edge smartphones combined with fast connection. The key is to find the perfect balance between quality and performance, to ensure that your website operates smoothly for every uses and device.


A well-designed website is just one piece of your digital cake. Social media pages; mobile app, e-mail & newsletters, e-commerce store: all these elements actively contribute to define the success of your business. More and more frequently, the tipping point of the customer experience is not the branded website. Being innovative means design for the omni-channel experience across all touch points.


Local businesses, together with online retailers, are the ones most likely to be hurt by badly optimized sites and pages. Why? Studies shows that up to 56% of mobile searches have local intent, and 78% of local mobile searches then result in an offline purchase. Customers mostly use the smartphone for local searches (stores, restaurants or services): “if your business has any local elements, it’s important to leverage these search habits and optimize your site accordingly.

There’s still so much confusion about what mobile optimization really means, that companies are often caught in frenzy and groundless fear.

Search engine optimization is not about looking for tricks to cheat the machine; it is about improving yourself to offer the best user experience to human beings.

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Good rankings on search engines are more important than ever before.

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Staudt, RLP — (ReleaseWire) — 06/26/2015 — Cloud-based SEO tool provider SEOprofiler has released a free step-by-step tutorial that helps businesses to improve the position of their web pages on Google and other search engines. High rankings on search engines are more important than ever before if a business wants to get a significant number of customers through the Internet.

The tutorial covers everything from understanding the concept of SEO, selecting the right keywords, optimizing web pages and getting the right kind of backlinks to checking the results.

* SEO is not rocket science

“Search engine optimization isn’t rocket science”, said SEOprofiler CEO Andre Voget. “With the right information, each business owner can make sure that his or her website gets the best possible rankings on Google.”

The step-by-step tuturial shows business owners the things that they have to do. Business owners will save a lot of time and money if they do the right things in the right order. For each topic, the tutorial contains checklists that make sure that results are achieved as quickly as possible.

The free tutorial is available at the company website at “”. The tutorial is available online and as a downloadable PDF file.

About SEOprofiler

SEOprofiler is a cloud based SEO solution that helps businesses to improve the position of their websites on Google and other search engines. In contrast to other SEO tool providers, SEOprofiler only uses so-called white-hat SEO methods that follow Google’s optimization guidelines.

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